About Us

Aurora Embroidery is a fully equipped company with the newest machines and most advanced software, founded by an experienced team with notions and apical techniques.

Decoration is ubiquitous. Businesses not only need to establish their image, apart from visibility, their success also depends on their uniqueness. In this flourishing industry, we concentrate on what makes us stand out from the vast majority. There are demands, but often not sufficient supplies satisfy them. After evaluating the market, our team decided to open the door to meet consumers’ expectations.

Our mission is to contribute to and grow with the business community. We also take great pride in being part of the community, and for that we participate in events and sponsor groups to the best we can.

Many people have asked us what makes us different from others in this industry. Yes, it is the machines; however, it is also the people who operate the machines. Anyone can purchase the newest model of embroidery machines, but not everyone can work magic around them. Anyone can work with the most advanced digitizing software, but not all can transform notions into physicality.

Our team hopes to extend modesty to all – treating others as ends in themselves, and never as means. You are not merely a customer to us, you are also a partner whom we cherish and respect. We look forward to working with you in the sense that our co-operation will bring benefits to you, your family, and your business.