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Crest & Patch

Aurora Embroidery is capable of use fabric or twill to make patches, with or without backing, and sew it onto garments or headwear. We also offer crests for legions and academies. For small quantity and quick turnaround time, we do the work in-house. For larger quantity and cheaper prices per unit with longer turnaround time, […]



This special service from our company features the opportunity for you, the customer, to customize your own apparel or product. On this piece of unique artwork, you can explore your creativity. Whether it be a single word, a phrase, a monogram, or an imagination – the possibilities are within you. Name your shirt. Express your […]



Applique is another type of embroidery with a wide variety of fabrics to create texture and enhance designs at lower cost. It is widely used in creating designs on apparels, bags, team numbers and cartoons.


Heat Seal

By using the special heat sensitive materials with the heat press, the logos can melt and seal into garments or fabrics. Comparing to embroidery, the advantages of heat transfers are less expensive, and also possible to press a large design on lighter fabrics with relatively low cost. Our team gives full effort in tracing all […]



Embroidery is actual process to stitch the digitized files on apparel, headwear or accessories to create your company a highly professional impression. It is the most popular way for durable decoration. With the good digitizing and the richness of the threads colors, embroidery can present a vivid and professional look for the company. Embroidery is […]



Digitizing is the key process to convert an intricate artwork into a machine understandable file to stitch it on the materials. The digitizers in Aurora Embroidery can focus on design details with perceptiveness to create unique works which are most important in embroidery.